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Dental disease is common in pets and is the leading cause of early tooth loss in cats and dogs. Left untreated, dental issues can lead to certain heart, liver, and kidney problems. Dental procedures can vary in cost based on severity and pathology.  You have the option to schedule an appointment with our Certified Veterinary Technician to receive your pet's dental assessment which includes an estimate, pre-surgical education and to schedule your pet’s procedure.

All dental procedures include full mouth dental radiographs.


Periodontal Disease Grading

Grade 1 

Description: Gingivitis

Appropriate treatment: Dental scaling, polishing, irrigation, home dental care

Grade 2 

Description: Early periodontal disease with <25% attachment loss based on radiographs

Appropriate treatment: Grade 1 care plus locally applied antimicrobials and/or subgingival scaling if pocketing exists.

Grade 3 

Description: Established periodontal disease with 25–50% attachment loss based on radiographs

Appropriate care: Periodontal therapy* including periodontal surgery will only be successful if the client is committed to consistently administering home dental care. Extraction is indicated if the client and/or patient will not commit to daily home oral hygiene.

Grade 4

Description: Advanced periodontal disease with >50% attachment loss based on radiographs

Appropriate care: Extraction or periodontal surgery including osseous resective or additive procedures followed by consistently performed home dental care

Dental Scaling Chart

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