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Practice Manager


Practice Manager
Aaron Jones - Practice Manager
Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones, originally from Rochester, MN, has always had a deep passion for animals, fostered during summers spent on his family's ranch in South Dakota. His love for animals has guided his career path, leading him to become the Practice Manager at Homeward Bound Animal Clinic, a new venture by Dr. Lucca in Rochester.

Aaron's journey in animal care began at an early age, inspired by rich experiences and responsibilities of ranch life. Over the years, he has developed a strong understanding of animal welfare and healthcare, which he now applies in his roll at Homeward Bound Animal Clinic. Aaron's dedication to providing exceptional care and creating a welcoming environment for pets and their owners drives his work every day. 

In addition to his professional role, Aaron continues to advocate for animal welfare and community engagement. He believes in the power of education and outreach to promote responsible pet ownership and strengthen the bond between humans and animals.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and two dogs, occasionally returning to the family ranch in South Dakota. His diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to animals make him a valuable asset to the veterinary community and a compassionate advocate for the well-being of all creatures.

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